ICDMeister Online User Testimonials

"I have tried as many of the ICD search tools as I could find including Encoder Pro, StatCoder, ICD9Data.com, Google, and many others. ICDMeister Online is BY FAR the quickest and most intuitive tool to find the ICD-9 codes I need for every visit. It has saved me hours every month compared to the other search tools. It was easy to learn for my residents, staff and faculty. I highly recommend ICDMeister Online."

- Gregory J. Raglow, M.D.   Family Medicine   Phoenix, AZ

"I have the ICDMeister Online on my tablet PC. I open it at the beginning of my office hours and keep it minimized to the task tray. When I need a code I can bring up ICDMeister Online in a second and find what I need so that I can have access to ICDMeister as I am seeing patients. If I need a code quickly, I maximize ICDMeister Online, do a search, cut & paste the code into my EMR. Unbelievably fast. I now cannot live without it.

It has saved me hours of searching for the correct code to complete my charts every day. The database that comes with my EMR is very difficult to use and very slow. ICDMeister Online is so fast and accurate that I can truly depend on it. No doubts.!!!

Obviously, with correct coding, faster submission of completed charts, it has saved me a tremendous amount of money."

- Marcus C. Roberts, M.D.   Family Medicine   Tifton, GA

"I am a VERY satisfied customer of ICDMeister Online - in addition to many of your PDA based applications. I have used ICDMeister on my Palm for several years and was thrilled when you introduced ICDMeister Online. In the past, I've used other applications but was never able to find the correct code as quickly and easily as I can with ICDMeister Online.

As you know, in a busy practice - time is money - both in the ease of finding the correct code quickly and in payments based on correct coding which is done so easily with your program.

Thanks SO much for such a GREAT product."

- Joyce Brewer, PhD, CNM, CFNP   Primary Care   Jackson, MS

"I have been a user of the Palm and now the Pocket PC version of MeisterMed's ICD and Procedure coding tools for many years. The online version of the ICD coding tool is superb! It is intuitive, easy to learn and use and above all readily accessable from any internet connected computer.

I should also mention that the support of Meistermed is unparalleled! When I lost so much during Hurricane Katrina, here in New Orleans, an email to MeisterMed was all that was necessary to get all the assistance I needed to re-download and reload the Pocket PC versions of the coding tools.

Broken device, lost device, NO PROBLEM the support has been GREAT!!! I wish Dr. A. and MeisterMed all possible success with this new and very useful product!"

- Vince Culotta Jr, M.D.   Obstetrics/Gynecology
   New Orleans, LA

"I've been trying ICDMeister Online. So far it is the best ICD coding tool that I've found. We have teams in our clinic consisting of the physician, a nurse and 1-2 MA's. The program is so easy to use that I'm having my staff find the codes thereby saving me time and having the most accurate diagnosis in a few seconds."

- Aaron Shives, M.D.   Family Medicine   Watertown, SD

"ICDMeister Online has made my coding so much more precise and is so much easier to use than the PDA version. I don't have to take out my PDA from my pocket to look up the codes. I have them right in front of me on my laptaop that I use for my records! It has speeded up the documentation process a great deal. Thanks so much for sticking with your development of this great piece of software."

- Morry L. Rotenberg, M.D.   Internal Medicine   Chicago, IL

"I have been using ICDMeister Online nearly every day since you sent the trial version. I have put a shortcut link on my desktop, and can launch the program quickly. Most days, I launch the program and leave it minimized on the Desktop until I need it.

This new program has certainly helped in MY practice every day! As a Nurse Practitioner working in Women's Health, using our office encounter form has only minimal coding info. Anything out of the ordinary is NOT on the form and requires the use of another coding reference. I have found ICDMeister Online to meet my coding reference needs in a superior manner.

Thanks again for another terrific software program!"

- Patrice C. Malena, MS, FNP-BC   Women's Health
   Newport News VA

"I just wanted to express my gratitude and admiration for your wonderful product, ICDMeister Online. I use it nearly every day. I find it the quickest and most user-friendly way of getting the codes I need.

I can quickly look up the proper codes to complete those ever-present insurance and disability forms, and can forestall the callbacks from the labs by putting the most accurate codes on the requisitions.

Most of all, it is easy and intuitive to use, with essentially no "learning curve". Thanks again. Keep up the good work."

Re: ICDMeister Online on the iPhone. I just went on to the ICDMeister Online site with my iPhone and I love it! It works great on my wireless network here at the office. Very fast load times! Will have to see how it performs on "edge" elsewhere. However, since I do almost all my coding here at the office, I anticipate I will have zero complaints! Thanks for doing such a terrific job! I have already added an icon on my home screen. Shuffled things around so it would be on page 1! There are other sites out there that provide coding help online, but those free sites confirm the rule that you get what you pay for. Your coding tool is the best ever and I appreciate that you are constantly trying to make it better for us. Thanks again.

Re: ICDMeister with an EMR. I have recently launched into the world of EMRs: I signed on to PracticeFusion, which for a free EMR is actually pretty good! It is a work in progress, as most things are, whether you pay a little or a lot! They have a mechanism of sorts to look up codes for charting and billing purposes but it is pretty basic and not great for searching intuitively. So what I have done is I have my EMR on one tab and ICDMeister on the next tab and any code that I don't know by heart I pop over to ICDMeister Online and Bam! There it is! Fantastic!

- Lynn McCallum, M.D.   Family Medicine   Redding, CA

"I like ICDMeister Online because I can access it from every exam room, and hands down beats the competition with its powerful search engine. I don't use anything else, just drop or say the word in the search box and the program does the rest, with unbelievable accuracy. The best coding tool available by far."

- Sam Schrack, D.O.   Family Medicine   Williamsport, PA

"I would like to thank you for developing ICDMeister Online. It is the most user friendly...and, in particular, primary care friendly, coding tool I have seen. The interface is intuitive but the tutorials are very helpful for the "extra tricks". I use the tool daily and encourage my residents to consider the tool when they enter the "real world".

The most important advantages:

  • Quick
  • Easily accessible
  • Excellent cross-references...i.e. multiple descriptors allow for variance in terminology with the same coding results

The online version is even more useful now that I have in room Internet access for each encounter. I might add that the responsiveness from you in a timely and useful fashion is the best service I have ever received for an online resource. Keep up the good work."

- Joyce Copeland, M.D.   Family Medicine   Durham, NC

"Even though I have only been using ICDMeister Online for a few weeks, I have been impressed with the ease with which I can obtain the correct codes. It is more user friendly and quicker than using the coding books and the cost is less too! I have recommended ICDMeister Online to my partners and they will start the free trial soon."

- Merwood M. Jones, M.D.   Obstetrics/Gynecology   Hartford, CT

"My internal medicine group uses an electronic record system that has an adequate ICD-9 coding system in place for commonly used disorders, but it is too time consuming to try and find the less common codes I use every day. I checked out several free on-line coding programs. They were all cumbersome and full of non-billable codes.

ICDMeister Online is the only program I have found that catalogs information in a logical and quick reference format. I actually enjoy finding codes now! Andrew Schechtman is a coding master. He responds promptly to questions, welcomes suggestions, and is continuously developing new ways to speed up the search for codes. His tutorials are brief, and even fun, and it is amazing how quickly you can master even the "advanced" code search tips. My Rating: 5 Stars!".

- Katherine B., FNP   Internal Medicine   Roanoke, VA

"The hit of the week is the link to ICDMeister Online in the NextGen Assessment! It is working well and is such a time saver. Not only does it save the providers time, but it makes the record and the billing so much more accurate. I feel it is one of the best additions or fixes to NextGen EMR. Please don't let it go away with updates! I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are and thank you for working hard to get this convenience done for the physicians."

- Carie Campbell   Practice Administrator
   Banner Medical Clinic   Torrington, WY